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  • Susan T. Evans

I'm leaving on a jet plane.

Here I’m recreating the pic I took back in June on the night before we left Williamsburg; this time with a Corrib Village bungalow background.

I never thought I’d want to visit Ireland a second time. When talking about going to the same vacation place twice, I always say, “There are too many other places to visit. And I’m too old to think there’ll be time to return to this year’s place.” Ireland, I'll be coming back. Next time, with Rebecca, Josh, Jack and Megan in tow.

We took the wrap-up pictures: our last time here, the last meal there. (You'll find them in this album.)

We are leaving the bungalow better than we found it, and we're escaping Galway with all of our device cords in tact.

My bags are packed, I'm ready to go.

Larry’s suitcase and backpack made the photo :) Will he ever carry that backpack in the US? My guess is that it will only be used on foreign soil.

Our bags are heavy (one is 23 kg - however much that is) but will safely carry some special souvenirs. We avoided buying the stuffed sheep (although I was sorely tempted) and bronzed Claddagh hands door knocker; instead coming away with souvenir items unique to Galway:

  • A carved, wooden candle platform - handmade by the owner of Katie’s Claddagh Cottage - will bring 5,000-year-old bog oak to our home’s entryway.

  • The very old ceramic tile from a fireplace we’ve never seen is shades of green and yellow and will remind me of the William & Mary cipher when I remember a trip officially sponsored by the College.

  • A small hand-carved Claddagh to reflect our recently acquired loyalty to Ireland and love of all things Galway.

  • Three small prints of original art - Larry refers to them as working craftsmen - created by a local artist and purchased at the Galway Market. We’ll frame them to hang in a to-be-identified corner of his home office.

Not unique, but not to be forgotten, we slipped in:

  • Irish whiskey and other small bottles

  • Tomato jam

  • Tuc crackers (I hope uncrushed)

  • Creamy Dreamy Galway Tea (that's the actual name of it ;)

In a few days, I’ll write and publish a final post to end the Journaling of my 5+ weeks living on the Emerald Isle. It’ll be entitled, “What I did on my summer vacation.”

Meanwhile, it’s time. Time to eat just yogurt and salad. Time to mow the lawn in 100+ degree heat. Time to lay eyes on the people we cherish.

It’s time to return to Williamsburg - the place of our home and our hearts.

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