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We've been here too long?

It's Friday. We leave Sunday. We have been in Galway for 27 days. Have we been here too long? Besides my nearly-packed suitcase, here are a few pieces of evidence that make me think it's time to go.

A Wagon Wheel biscuit is the real deal - marshmallow and raspberry inside a cookie coated in dark chocolate. Think #LittleDebbieCakes but made by a professional baker (Goyas!) using high quality ingredients.

I didn't like the Fish Cakes at Goyas. I've loved Goyas, recommended by Kate Slevin, it has been my go-to spot for coffees, cakes, lunches and quiet thought. Frankly, their fish cakes were more like potato cakes but that's okay because I followed them with a Wagon Wheel.

We are recognizing people in pubs and cafes, on the street, and at local events. We've seen our walking tour guide at the Film Festival, our Tunes in Church host during morning coffee, and more than once the same nun on Quay Street. BTW, we know Galway so well we now know no one calls Quay Street (pronounced "Key") the Latin Quarter. If this gets much more familiar, it'll be home ;)

And we can't leave out the wine bar at Sheridan's Cheesemongers. We've been there four times. It is truly our Tinto away from home. They know us, they chat with us and they have been a source of recommendations for local restaurants to try. Oh, they are the best at choosing the wine, the cheese, the charcuterie. Lovely. Grand.

This is Larry at our final visit to Sheridans. (Unless we decide to go there today, our last full 24 hours in Galway.)

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